The last few years have shown the hypocrisy of the U.S. and allied governments reasoning for their involvement in both Iraq and Afghanistan. In the name of ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’ tens of thousands of civilians and thousands of troops have died to set up puppet governments run by warlords and thugs no better than the tyrants they have replaced.

The only winners have been large multi-national companies who have made billions from the war and seek to gain more from Iraqi oil fields and a gas pipeline through Afghanistan. It is for the profits of a few that working class people risk death and injury fighting wars for U.S. Imperialism.

If you also support the struggle for Aboriginal rights see Fight for Aborignal Rights

Monday, April 2, 2007

The Ground Truth film introduction

Speech by Hamish Chitts delivered at Red Cinema

Sat. March 31

People have said that if there were more Australian casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan that this would shake the general public into a greater questioning of these wars, this may be true. But I put it to you that there are Australian casualties everyday that no one sees or hears about.

Through my own experiences as a former infantry soldier and combat veteran and through those of my mates I can tell you no one who sees active service comes back the same.

Recent figures from America have shown that troops coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan are suffering 3 times more Post Traumatic Stress Disorder than their counterparts did on return from Vietnam.

But it doesn’t just effect those who’ve been directly involved, it effects their children and even their grandchildren. A survey of 2500 children and grandchildren of Australian Vietnam veterans has found 70% of children and 30% of grandchildren suffer psychiatric or psychological problems.

This movie is about soldiers telling their own stories, so when someone accuses you of not supporting our troops you can pass on some of the things you’ll see tonight. There are many reasons to stop these wars of greed, here is just one of them.

The Ground Truth.